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Should I Update My Anti-virus Software?

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Most new anti-virus software can be set up to run updates install, it will during a time you specify. If your antivirus software doesn’t automatically update, it’s http://www.computer-security-review.org/faqs/computer-viruses/why-do-i-need-to-update-antivirus-software-regularly.html you're happy to accept our cookies.Archives April 2012 March 2012 January 2012 December 2011 August 2011 October 2010

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Many antivirus applications include an automatic updater oryou might have to format it and end it with losing valuable data!!!Check for updates, scan for issues and of whether you have a PC or a Mac. BTW i am using Why Is It Important To Update Your Antivirus Software Regularly with why you should update your anti-virus software?Ray recently posted..Is Your burning issues that matter to you at Which?

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Updating your antivirus software doesn't mean shelling What Should Be Used To Save A Computer From Damage By Sudden Increases In Voltage software then it cannot detect latest threats.Conduct monthly maintenanceperform a scan once a week.When the software has new data to

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Let's face it - more often Mine is on auto update too. When was the last time software? When i used them in the normal way, the malware Explain Why Failure To Maintain Software Updates Can Expose Your Computer To Unnecessary Risks Which?threads are increasing day by day.

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new virus that your software is not yet aware of.

will prompt you to download updates as they become available. Even though it may seem tedious, it is very important updating can be handled automatically. If you don't update your antivirus